Sunday, October 13, 2013

Because honestly.....

Let's see. It's been, 4 long, excruciating years.
Things have led to this:

I've taken out the partying, the girls and surprisingly Zero out of the equation. Added Dota 2 and multiplied the cigarettes and coffee.
Yeah, look at the address bar: Red OR Zero.blogspot.
Ideally, it ought to be Just Red Now.

Did I throw it all away? No, hitting rock bottom was when I left my parent's house. Such an important component to growing up.
That being said, I do still possess the childish ideals and passions for games and dreams.

Job? Yeah, well, Business Analyst it appears to be. 
During rock bottom, I was just a driver. lol.
What everything feels like, would be that I'm tired. I am so tired.
However, I'm glad I left the old lifestyle behind.

That's right.

Reddiekins doesn't exist anymore. 
Left. them. ALL.

Because honestly? I.......